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MAXSISUN LED Grow Light: MG Series MG3000
  • $299.99
  • $269.99


MAXSISUN LED Grow Light: 2021 Remote Control Dimmable MF1000
  • $129.99
  • $89.99


MAXSISUN LED Grow Light: 2021 Remote Control Dimmable MF2000
  • $249.99
  • $179.99


MAXSISUN LED Grow Light: PB Series PB1500
  • $149.99
  • $129.99


MAXSISUN LED Grow Light: PB Pro Series PB1000 Pro (Remote Control)
  • $99.99
  • $89.99


MAXSISUN LED Grow Light: PB Pro Series PB2000 Pro (Remote Control)
  • $199.99
  • $169.99

PB Pro Series

The PB Pro series are designed for growers who want to optimize their grow space for the maximum crop yield while producing the highest quality crops. It can illuminate all types of grow room with precise and uniform light on the plant canopy.

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Grow Tents

MAXSISUN grow tents are ideal for the indoor growers with limited space. Within the enclosed grow room you can control over environmental factors such as light, humidity, and temperature, which are essential to a plant's development & yields.

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Good Value Grow Light: MF2000

MF2000 is a quantum board style fixture with top-end Samsung and Mean Well components, using a remote to set the same brightness (0%-100%) or different brightness for multiple lights by grouping, which is a terrific idea to provide convenience for large-scale growth.


What our customers say

The Maxsisun footprint, light spectrum, price fit my needs perfectly


Great light my medical plant are loveing it been under it for little bit now. It is very bright and hopping for a nice yield off it. The company is great will answer any question u want about light I am looking forward to getting some more of these maybe a bigger one


light weight built sturdy very bright affordable but far from being cheaply built, will buy pb 4000 next time


This is the best grow light I have ever used. I have been transitioning to indoor growing for my tomatoes and this light is the bees knees. So large and bright. I may have to replace all of my other smaller ones with this style (or even this particular model). Seriously, you won't be disappointed.


Im extremely happy with maxisun lights , after seeing how well it did , i bought another.
Great products and great folks over there.



Maxsisun MG3000 LED Grow Light Bar Review

  Welcome to check on MAXSISUN MG3000 (3ft x 3ft Grow Tent) LED Grow Light Bar Review by AlboPepper here or on YouTube. Through this video, you gu...